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POSTMAX can be part of a two-step process to determine the 95th percentile MEOI χ/Q for a facility and accident. In the first step, MACCS2 is used to determine the dispersion values (χ/Q) according to the facility parameters and the hourly meteorological data. The models and instructions for MACCS2 are provided in NUREG/CR-4691 and NUREG/CR-6613. MACCS2 generates a table of χ/Q according to distance for each hour evaluated. POSTMAX reads the MACCS2 output, meteorological data, and site boundary distances to calculate the Maximally-Exposed Offsite Individual (MEOI) χ/Q for each hour evaluated. The MEOI χ/Q values are sorted to generate the cumulative distribution function (CDF) and the 95th percentile value is identified.


The current version of POSTMAX is 2.0. The POSTMAX V2.0 executable file (for the Windows XP operating system) is dated Tue 2/03/2009, 17:52:21 GMT.

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